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MCL CLIM patches- changing

At 15:39 1/06/93 -0600, Don Mitchell wrote :
>In regards to my complaint a few weeks ago about the secrecy of the available
>CLIM patches for MCL, I thought I'd publicize the information on the two that
>received.  If everyone who has received a patch does this, then we should have
>somewhat of a good image of what's available.

I think this is a good initiative since the macclim developers don't seem
to have too much time.

>BTW: what's the best newsgroup for this information? Info-mcl or clim?

I believe CLIM is the place.  Anyone can subscribe by sending a request to


If the patches have those wierd names, it could be good to add a file
describing what it patches.

I suggest that everybody sends to the list (or to me) the list of patches
they have, along with a few lines to describe the patch (or the messages
that were exchanged with the macclim developers resulting in the sending of
the patch).

I will collect them all and distribute the uploading work evenly.  I
suggest we put them in the clim library under clim/platforms/mcl.

I suggest to have a structure like:


Each .readme file contains the above described description.


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