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MCL interfaces for 7.1

>Some days ago, I asked for the MCL Interfaces for 7.1. I saw that these
>interface where available for MPW in the June Developper CD. Will Apple
>ship the MCL version of these interfaces.
>I know there is not a great chahge since 7.0, but some function has been
>renamed, the organisation of traps has been chaged, etc. As I am using the
>new inside Mac, the documented traps are the new ones and they are located
>in the new managers.
>I tried to build such interface files (at least for text handling), but it
>is too hard for me. I found 2 new (?) traps I can not define: TEFromScrap
>and TEToScrap in the textedit manager. 
>I don't really want to spend my time in this as I really don't understand
>the Pascal definitions (and the INLINE statement).
>So my questions are : 
>  Is there anybody at Apple who is doing this ?
>  Does anybody plan to do this?
>  When (approximatively)?
>  Do I have to come back with my old IM IV to be able to handle
>multilingual text?
>I know it's really a big work, but I think it is time now to do it. I would
>like to know if I can just wait a little, or do I just have to begin
>programming with old Inside Macs.

We DO plan to ship MCL versions of the new MPW interfaces with the next
release of MCL. We have not yet converted them, but I'll be happy to
convert individual files on request.

I have put the new "Script.lisp" & "IntlResources.lisp" on the anonymous FTP
server at cambridge.apple.com in the folder "/pub/mcl2/interfaces/". Note
that GetScriptManagerVariable & SetScriptManagerVariable are called
GetSMVariable & SetSMVariable, respectively, in that file.

The functions TEFromScrap & TEToScrap are not in ROM. They do not correspond
to any traps. You can get them by loading the appropriate library file with
MCL's foreign function interface, or use the versions in Mike Engbers "NotInROM"
package. In particular, look in the file "ccl:examples;NotInROM;+TextEdit.lisp".