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View-draw-contents and scrollers

In article <9306230541.AA00144@interval.interval.com>  writes:

> I expected that with each movement of the scrollbar thumb that the  
> view area would be redrawn in a new (random) color.  This does not  
> Only a portion of the view is redrawn (what appears to be as high as the
> number of pixels the scrollbar thumb has moved).  What is going on here? 
> Shouldn't the call to with-focused-view override the behavior I  
> What can I do to fix this?

Using with-focused-view does not change the visrgn or cliprgn associated  
with your view. If you want to redraw everything that is visible, you need  
to invalidate the entire view. A call to invalidate-corners is probably  
what you need.

Dave Seaman