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slot docstrings

At  8:48 AM 5/6/93 +0000, Karsten Poeck wrote:
>I can't access the documentation strings for slots defined in a class.
>I am quite sure that this question has been aked before, but I cannot
>remember the answer. Could someone be so polite to mail me the answer?

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1993 17:30:18 -0600
To: Donald H. Mitchell <dhm%tulsix.uucp@drd.com>
From: bill@cambridge.apple.com (Bill St. Clair)
Subject: Re: Getting information on classes
Cc: info-mcl

>How do I (in decreasing order of priority) get the following information about
>documentation  (as in (defclass foo () ((bar :documentation "This string")))

MCL throws away slot documentation strings. This could fairly be called
a bug, though CLtL2 only hints at how you would get this information
(on p. 840 it defines a DOCUMENTATION method specialized on the class
STANDARD-SLOT-DEFINITION, but the description of that class and accessors
that return object of that type are part of the MOP, which is not part
of CLtL2). Yell loudly enough (e.g. find some other people to join in
a chorus or explain why your business depends on it) and you may convince
me to add the doc strings.