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Re: wish list

> 1) It would be nice if load checked some list of paths to try;
>    eg, (setq *load-paths* '("." "/usr/local/lib/kcl" "/usr/local/lib/ops5").
>    Then we could tell users to just (load "ops").

I think it is easy to define such a function.

> 2) It would be nice if clear-input worked.

Since KCL I/O is implemented on UNIX/stdio, it is rather difficult
to make CLEAR-INPUT work as specified in CLtL.

> 3) It would be nice if some reader macro could be defined to
>    match all unmatched open parens; eg, such as ] on franz lisp.
>    (This is surely just ignorance on our part, but we can't find
>    any function or tag to throw to do this.  Hmm,
>    return-from read-delimited-list?)


> 4) It would be nice if KCL accepted arguments intelligently; currently
>    they aren't passed to saved_kcl, and if they were you can't pass
>    more than a few without KCL becoming the compiler.

Since command arguments can be accessed by SI:ARGC and SI:ARGV,
the only thing you have to do is to redefine SI:TOP-LEVEL and save KCL.

> 5) Some history of top level input would be nice, so that top
>    level forms could be reentered by justing typing a reader
>    macro followed by the first part of the desired form.  For
>    example, keep the last ten top level forms on a ring and
>    then !(load to redo the last load.

I wrote an emacs-like interface that can serve for your purpose.
It supports history as well as simple editing and parenthesis

-- Masami