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using SunView from kcl

I tried to write the following trivial kcl program that would have
used SunView:

 #'(lambda (stream char) (values (read-line stream))))

"#include <suntool/sunview.h>"
%  void test()
%  {
%    Frame frame;
%    frame = window_create(0, FRAME, FRAME_LABEL, "hello", 0);
%    window_set(frame, WIN_SHOW, TRUE, 0);
%    notify_do_dispatch();
%  }

(defentry test () (void test))

I then compiled it normally and linked using the command

(si:faslink "kcl.o" "-lsuntool -lsunwindow -lpixrect")

But when I tried to call (test), I got an error something like "free 3

Is there some conflict with the memory allocation of SunView and kcl?
If so, how should I do the linking in order to make SunView use the
kcl memory allocation routines?

I mailed this to the list in japan but haven't got any reply.

	Juha Heinanen
	Tampere Univ. of Technology
	jh@tut.fi (Internet), tut!jh (UUCP)