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Re: using SunView from kcl

< message describing problems resulting from
  (si:faslink "kcl.o" "-lsuntool -lsunwindow -lpixrect")

Since kcl wants to control all of memory, it is likely that your
problems are the result of a malloc call in one of the libraries that
you are using that gets resolved in the standard libc.a.

I got around a similar problems by creating my own libc.a as follows:

% cp /lib/libc.a .
% ar d libc.a malloc.o calloc.o
% ranlib libc.a

Then of course you have to change your faslink to be:
  (si:faslink "kcl.o" "-lsuntool -lsunwindow -lpixrect libc.a")

This approach well for me when calling routines in the graphics
library on a SGI Iris.

- Eric Raible