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adding .kclrc

>We decided we'd like KCL to load an init file, .kclrc,
>from the user's home.  (We kept the behaviour of loading
>init.lsp from the current directory, but do so afterward.)
>Here are our changes to do so.  (For lisp-implementation-version
>June 3 1987.)
>Ron Stanonik

I made a similar fix. It loads an init file (init.lsp) from your home-
directory if there is any. I personally don't like the behaviour of loading
things from the current directory in Unix where you usually 'cd' around in 
the file system (since you don't have logical names as in TOPS-20). It may 
cause strange behaviour when you get a file, that you aren't aware of, loaded
>from the current directory.
Acctually I made kcl load any init file found in the directory pointed at
by the environment variable HOME, since this was easy to implement, but
I'm not sure this is a good idea. (But it is sometimes useful for maintainers;
you can undefine or redefine it as you like.)
Whether the initial file should be named lisp.ini or .kclrc is a matter of
taste and convention I believe.


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