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KCL for Sequents?

Can anyone answer the following question?

Return-Path: <grich@orion.cf.UCI.EDU>
To: cl.boyer%r20.utexas.edu@ICS.UCI.EDU
Subject: KCL for Sequents?
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 87 10:08:25 -0800
From: John Mangrich <grich@orion.cf.UCI.EDU>
Resent-Date: Wed 9 Dec 87 19:31:55-CST
Resent-From: Bob Boyer <CL.BOYER@R20.UTEXAS.EDU>
Resent-To: kclmail@RASCAL.ICS.UTEXAS.EDU

We FTPed KCL from you for a faculty member who is using it on a Sun
workstation.  (He has sent in a signed copy of the license agreement, too.)
While installing it on his system, I noticed that there are #ifdefs for 
SEQ (Sequent) and NS32K, but there is no code included.  Is there code which
is not distributable, or has someone modified KCL to run on Sequent systems?
We have 3 here and it would be nice to be able to support KCL for a wider
group of faculty here.  Thanks.

	John Mangrich
	System Manager
	Computing Facility
	University of California, Irvine