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Arpanet woes

Due to some very sudden and very major Arpanet changes announced at
the beginning of April, effective May 1 Austin, Texas will no longer
be on the Arpanet.  This affects utexas.edu, cli.com, mcc.com, and
Lockheed in Austin.  It is claimed that before too long, Internet
services in Austin will be normal again, via CSNET or NSFNET.  (Some
are even so bold (naive?) as to assert that no disruption will occur.)
However, I shall not be holding my breath.  In the meantime, you can
expect trouble with mail to kcl@cli.com or boyer@cli.com and trouble
trying to get kcl sources from rascal.ics.utexas.edu or cli.com.

I have put a copy of the file kcl-mailing-list under /pub/kcl/ on
cli.com visible by anonymous ftp.  It has about 80 names.  Perhaps
someone on a more stable part of the Internet would be so kind as to
take a copy and maybe resume this mailing list if the connectivity
problems are longer than expected.

There are currently two sites on the Internet outside of Austin from
which the kcl system may be obtained by anonymous ftp:


As always, ftping from such places should be done in the off hours to
reduce network load problems.