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Has anyone gotten a version of KCL working on SPARC?
There seems to be a trivial assembly language module (the
character table) that needs to be converted, but none of the
manuals that came with our Sun4's describe the syntax of
the assembler directives, only a "proposed" syntax for
assembler statements proper.

What I have is kcl.tar ftp'ed off of rascal about a week ago.
My Sun4 is running Sys4-3.2.

Thanks in advance,

  Sean Levy
  Engineering Design Research Center (EDRC), CMU
  Truck: EDRC, CMU, DH A219, PGH PA 15213
  ATT: 412/268-2257
  Internet: snl@cs.cmu.edu
  BITNET: snl%cs.cmu.edu@cmccvma
  UUCP: beats me. here's a couple that seem to work
     west coast: ...!{ucsdhub|sdcsvax}!snl@cs.cmu.edu
     east cost: ...!harvard!snl@cs.cmu.edu