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Re: Connection C-KCL (Bug)

Guilherme Bittencourt writes:
	Other system calls like "exit", "read", "dup2",  do work but "fork"
is not alone in the "unworking"  group "creat", "link",  and (surprisingly)
"dup" do not work either. And, most interesting, in my earlier version of
KCL this bug doesn't occur !
	I'll be very happy if some one could explain me this behavior, it
is very important to the connection of other systems (in my case Reduce and
Prolog) to KCL.

You don't specify your environment but I would guess it's BSD-derived
based on the system calls specified and the error message from the

The only system calls that you can make in a normal KCL executable are
those made either directly or indirectly by the C coded kernel,
raw_kcl. This is because the library code for the uncalled routines is
not linked in from the C library when the executable raw_kcl is built.
The (load) function does not allow you to link in any more library
routines; you need to use (si:faslink) to get the other system calls.
Try (help 'si:faslink).


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