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KCL on Sun 4

I've seen a lot mail asking about the available of KCL on the Sun 4.
This message is just to let you know what we at Delphi have done.

In agreement with the people at Kyoto, we have developed a product
based on an extended version of KCL.  Our product is called Delphi
Common Lisp and includes a high-performance implementation of CLX
based on the TI implementation, our own implementation of CLOS, and a
language-level multitasking extension.

Delphi Common Lisp has been ported to the Sun 3, Sun 386i, and Sun 4
and will shortly be available on Apollo and 386/ix systems.

Pricing: about $1500 for Sun 3; about $2000 for Sun 4.

For more information you can contact me at Delphi.

David Schatsky
Delphi S.p.A.
Via della Vetraia, 11
I-55049 Viareggio (LU)

Tel: +39 (584) 395225
Fax: +39 (584) 395366
Tlx: 501542 DELPHI I
e-mail: david@delphi.uucp