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kcl on sun 4

In response to queries about KCL on the SUN4.

IBUKI has been delivering IBCL on SUN 4's, and 386i's since the day
they were announced.  We are the olny vendor who offers a product on
every available SUN.  SUN2, SUN3, SUN4, 386i (when appropriate running 
version 2.x (!), 3.x or 4.0 of SunOS).  We can deliver today on Apollo's
and IBUKI was the first Common Lisp to appear on a 386 machine (Hanover 
Fair March 1987).  IBUKI has delivered a 386/ix port since day one. In 
all IBUKI supports IBCL on over thirty (30) different binarily 
incompatable platforms.  We offer a CLX interface, a low level interface
to the X11 client-side library and a substantially enhanced dubugging
system.  Our next release will contain considerable performance  
enhancement and we have inhouse utilities for substantial system 

Pricing: exactly $700 for ALL Suns.  

IBUKI is the leading supplier of lisp systems for commercial applications
in the world.  Call us for more info.

Richard Weyhrauch
1447 North Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone:  (415) 961-4996
FAX:    (415) 948-5824
e-mail: rww!ibuki@labrea.stanford.edu