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KCL does not accept NIL as the readtable argument for GET-MACRO-CHARACTER
and GET-DISPATCH-MACRO-CHARACTER.  This means the only way in KCL to get
information on macro/dispatch-macro characters is to make a copy of the
standard readtable and send it to these functions.
Although CLtL does not explicitly specify these functions should accept NIL
for standard readtable, some examples in CLtL do not work in KCL.
To fix the "bug", replace the statement


in the definition of the C functions get_macro_character and get_dispatch_
macro_character in file c/read.d with

	if (rdtbl == Cnil)
		rdtbl = standard_readtable;

This bug fix was suggested by Cesar Quiroz on this mailing list.
Thanks Cesar.

-- Taiichi