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kcl on Sun 4

    Is there a KCL version for Sun 4? Any help will be greatly 
    Thank you very much in advance,

The current version of AKCL does run on the sun4

Inserting file /usr/local/src/skcl/README
---Begin File /usr/local/src/skcl/README---
Description of altered AKCL system.

Obtaining sources:

There are source files on cli.com:akcl/akcl-XX.tar.Z
You probably want the highest XX version number.  In the following
the tar file is simply referred to as akcl.tar.Z
You will also need to obtain the original kcl distribution of
June 1987.  That is referred to as kcl.tar.Z and is also available
on cli.com.

If you cannot obtain things via internet, a tape containing akcl, kcl,
gnu emacs and some hardcopy documentation may be ordered from Austin
Code Works, 11100 Leafwood Ln., Austin TX 78750.   Tel:(512) 258-0785.

The AKCL system contains change files (usually V/* files)
together with a method for combining these with the 
original KCL distribution.  

To make the whole system.

% uncompress akcl.tar.Z
% uncompress kcl.tar.Z
% mkdir kcl
% (cd kcl  ; tar xvf kcl.tar )
% mkdir akcl
% cd akcl
% tar xvf akcl.tar

There are two files which you may need to  manipulate, depending on the
machine type.  "h/config.h" should be linked to one of "`machine'.h"
and "`machine'.defs" needs to be inserted in several makefiles.

To accomplish this first create or edit an existing file `machine'.defs
(eg h/sun3.defs). In this .defs file do
1) make MAINDIR=/usr/local/kcl or wherever the original kcl source is.
2) Set up the CC (c compiler) and other parameters found there.

Alter the `machine'.h file if you desire to change any of the default
sizes, such as the maximum number of pages to which a lisp may grow.

Install the changes you have made by doing:

% add-defs my-machine

(eg % add-defs sun3 )

Some of the terms found in these files are:
* Select a value for the MAXPAGE (number of 2000 byte pages you want
as your absolute max swap space).
* VSSIZE the size you want your value stack to grow to.
* define RSYM and SFASL if this is unix and you want to use the new fasload
(works only for bsd or system V(att) on 386 or 68000)
* CC=cc -DVOL=  if you wish to use the regular cc instead of gcc.
(Note the VOL must be defined to be empty since non ansi cc's don't understand
the volatile declaration).
* If you prefer to have the doc strings in the kcl image, rather than
using an external documentation tool such as find-doc.el, add
(load "../lsp/setdoc.lsp") to the INITFORM in makedefs.

% make -f Smakefile 

It will stop once to ask you to become super user to install cmpinclude.h
If you cannot do that you may do make -f Smakefile "SU=SKIP"
The system will make fine, but you will need a copy of cmpinclude.h in what
ever directory you wish to do your lisp compiling.
% su
password: super-user-password
# make cmpinclude.h
# exit

now resume by doing once again:
% make -f Smakefile

NOTE:Smakefile causes make to be run twice, the first time building
a saved_kcl using the original compiler, and the second time compiling
our modified compiler with the original compiler.  If this does not
run twice you will be using the old compiler.

To alter a file in this system:
If you wish to alter c/alloc.c
Then create a file V/c/alloc.c

In it you make changes (as outlined in the file merge.c)
The next time you do a make, the file alloc.c will be
altered, according to the changes you have made.

Note that subsequent makes can be done using the makefile, but the
first time, since that file must itself be altered, we use another
makefile: Smakefile.  Also there are a number of changes to compiler
files in cmpnew.  At present only the lisp changes are distributed, so
that Smakefile must compile the system twice: the second time there is
a lisp image, so it is able to recompile the compiler files.

We hope that you will find akcl useful, but it is provided "as is"
and we cannot assume responsibility for any loss or damage caused
by this system.

Bill Schelter 

See the file doc/schanges and other doc files  for a description of the 
changes and their uses.

See the file doc/contributors for a partial list of people who have
made helpful contributions to ports etc.---End File /usr/local/src/skcl/README---