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kcl distribution

Is this the appropriate id to ask about the kcl package?
We are interested in obtaining KCL for use in our research
lab.  How do we get a copy of the licensing agreement?
Is KCL available via any means other than ftp?

If you are not the appropriate person to ask, do you know
who is?

Lindsay Patten

Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence Group                   lindsay@watnext
Department of Systems Design Engineering           lindsay@watnext.waterloo.edu
University of Waterloo              {utai|decvax|uunet}!watmath!watnext!lindsay
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada  N2L 3G1            Voice phone: (519) 885-1211 x6752
Telex 069-55259	                                             FAX (519) 888-4521