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I have encountered bugs in the sun4 ld, for example it worked incrementally
loading into saved_kcl, but not into a large file saved_maxima.

If you stripped the saved_kcl or if its symbol table is somehow not intact
you would get that message...  But given the flaky ld, you might get it anyway.
You could try doing nm saved_kcl to see what the symbol table is like.
If it is too large the ld may not like it.

The new version of akcl I am just distributing this morning, has its
own sfasl working, so that ld won't be needed.  It should work, but
the a.out.h relocation types are not too well documented, and you will
get an abort if you hit one, which I have not handled yet.   It did work to
load many, many files (eg the whole compiler, nqthm, maxima files...)

It is