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Making akcl on Sun 3/60 with SunOS4.0

I know I've seen other questions like this on this mailing list, , but I could
find nothing in the archive that would indicate what my problem was here.

I build akcl with gcc, and everything goes fine up until the second pass
through Smakefile, when it first tries to invoke unixport/saved_kcl; I get the
helpful message from UNIX:

   Unrecoverable error: Someone allocated my memory!.
   IOT trap

raw_kcl seems perfectly happy (e.g. I can invoke it from the shell, and it
works for what it is), and the messages I get when invoking "make saved_kcl"
are pretty reasonable; a few warnings that things are being redefined.  But the
created saved_kcl can't be invoked.  I don't know adb enough to fool with it.

I am using akcl 1.86, copied just this past weekend.

Help, via e-mail or postings, would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Thompson
kthompso@[pluto|ptolemy].arc.nasa.gov     Sterling Software/Nasa-Ames RC