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Re: Making akcl on Sun 3/60 with SunOS4.0

	The following is the sun3.defs file which I used to generate AKCL
1.79 using GCC 1.30 on a 3/160 running SUN OS 4.0.  "gcc.mod" is a version
of GCC 1.30 which always passes the -Bstatic option to the SUN linker (ld).
The latest GCC (1.32) appears to be able to pass this option directly and a
modified version should not be needed.  Unfortunately, I haven't tested this
yet.  For those of you who prefer to use the SUN supplied C compiler, adding
the options "-Qoption as" seems to allow compilation of the files with which
I had problems.  A SUN representative has told me that this bug will be fixed
in OS 4.1.  However, you will still need to use -Bstatic option to link kcl

				Bill Bogstad
				bogstad@crabcake.cs.jhu.edu <-preferred

P.S. In case it isn't obvious, you MUST link kcl statically.

#defs for the makefiles

# for sun3,sun2r3
OFLAG	=  -O 
LIBS	= -lm -lg 

CHTAB	= sun_chtab.s
CC = gcc.mod -fwritable-strings -msoft-float -DVOL=volatile -I$(AKCLDIR)/o 
#CC = cc -Bstatic -DVOL= -I$(AKCLDIR)/o 
# If you don't have gcc use CC = cc -DVOL= 

MAINDIR = /usr/local/src/kcl/kcl
CFLAGS	= -c $(DEFS)  -I../h

# The fast loading currently works for ATT and BSD with 68000 or 386
# architectures.  Unless you have these, leave these undefined.
RSYM	= rsym
SFASL	= $(ODIR)/sfasl.o

# When using SFASL it is good to have (si::build-symbol-table)

# Use symbolic links