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Re: Porting akcl to SGI Personal Iris 4d20


The sgi.defs files you are trying to use are for the SGI 3030 family.
They do not work on the SGI 4D machines (such as the Personal Iris).
Also, note that those sgi files no longer work.  I don't remember the
AKCL version where things got shuffled around, but at least as of
1.179 you needed a new set of files.  I sent diffs to Bill Schelter
a long time ago but they never showed up in AKCL yet.  See below for
a copy.

I do not know of any complete AKCL ports for the 4D.  There is a port
of plain KCL for the 4D due to Doug Katzman of the U of Penn.  Both
Doug and I were working at one point to turn that KCL port into an
AKCL port, but I got side tracked and since I haven't heard anything
out of Doug lately he must have also.  It sure would be nice to have

To get the work I described see the info-iris archives.  Anonymous
ftp to ftp.brl.mil (aka vgr.brl.mil,, ~/info-iris.
You will find the files:

	akcl-3d.diffs	- diffs to make akcl 1.179 (and probably later
			  versions) work on the SGI 3030's.
	kcl-4d.diffs	- diffs to port plain kcl to the SGI 4D's.

- Phil