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Re: Porting akcl to SGI Personal Iris 4d20

I'm sorry to bother everyone on the mailing list with this but
I can't get through to Karl Sierka directly because his account
is not listed at the NIC.


If I had your internet address I could reach you directly.
Thanks for your response.  You were right about the shell.  However, I am
still getting a lot of compiler warnings of the form:

ccom: Warning: ../h/../h/external.h, line 328: size of array lisp_implementation_version is required unless 'extern' specified
      char lisp_implementation_version[];

and then some compiler errors of the form:

ccom: Error: ../c/unixfasl.c, line 245: unknown size
     struct exec header, faslheader;

and some others which also complain about header and faslheader.

The make stops with "too many errors."  I am hasitant to leap in and
start modifying the code without some guidance from someone familiar
with akcl.  I am also discussing the problem with Phil at BRL.  He
says that kcl has been ported to the 4d20 already and that akcl has
been ported to the 3130 Iris with someone working on a port of akcl
to the 4d.  I'm trying to find out more about it and I'll let you know
what the final answer is.

Pat Gatewood