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The installation instructions for the June 87 KCL specified that a
certain file, cmpinclude.h, had to be located in the /usr/include/
directory.  This file is read by the C compiler during the compilation
of any Lisp function.  Because storing a file in /usr/include
generally requires super-user privileges, this requirement has spelled
trouble for some who wished to install KCL.  Furthermore, because
different versions KCL or ACKL use different cmpinclude.h files, there
is a question about which version of KCL or AKCL should use which copy
of that file and where it should be located.

Thanks to Bill Schelter, in recent issues of AKCL, this problem has
been solved in the following way: for each Lisp compilation, a new
version of the appropriate cmpinclude.h file is written, by ACKL, to
the current directory.  The writing of this small file takes
negligible time.