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I can't install AKCL

I am trying to install AKCL (version 257 - is that the newest?) which I got from
cli.com, on a Sun 3 running SunOS 3.5. I am trying to follow the instructions in
AKCL.README, although they seem slightly inconsistent with what I see in
sun3/defs regarding cc options. I got KCL built all right but not AKCL.

The problems began with add-defs (warnings about h/config.h and
V/h/cmpinclude.h). Since this did not appear to be fatal, I continued with 
make -f Smakefile.

This ran until it tried to do the make in lsp, which failed because there was no
saved_kcl in akcl/unixport. Not knowing what else to do, I copied it from

Ran make again. More problems. In lsp make, compiling each lsp file causes
loading of cmpinit.lsp which has the form (load "../lsp/defstruct.lsp") which
contains the undefined function ALIGNMENT. The makefile keeps going, although
the lsp files don't seem to get compiled.

I keep going. In cmpnew, the first compile breaks with the error "*C-GC* is
unbound". This breaks the make, and at this point I give up.

This is not yet a plea for help. But I would like to know, for anyone who has
done a similar installation, was it straightforward? Were the instructions in
AKCL.README followed literally? And if I do get desparate, would anyone be
willing to assist me in this? Because I fear I may be reaching the end of my
ability to proceed.

David Cogen.