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pcl and akcl

There have been various questions about PCL for AKCL.
Changes to compiled functions required a couple of little
changes to kcl-low.lisp.   The kcl-patches file needed to
be ignored.   Here are complete instructions for building
the victoria day version of PCL in AKCL(these are also
at the bottom of kcl-low.lisp on rascal):  

Instructions for compilation of pcl in AKCL 

* ftp the new  kcl-low.lisp file from rascal
( and put it in your pcl directory.

% cd pcl
% akcl

;; Now to compile pcl evaluate the following forms:

(load "defsys.lisp")
(setq pcl::*pathname-extensions* '("lisp" . "o"))
(setq pcl::*pcl-directory* (truename "./"))
(or (probe-file "kcl-patches.lisp-")  ;replace kcl-patches.lisp by empty file
    (system "mv kcl-patches.lisp kcl-patches.lisp- ; echo > kcl-patches.lisp"))

;; It should compile without error.  To test:

% cd pcl
% akcl

(load "defsys.lisp")
(setq pcl::*pathname-extensions* '("lisp" . "o"))
(setq pcl::*pcl-directory* (truename "./"))
(load "test.lisp")

;; All tests should run correctly. 


There is a note in the kcl-low.lisp file about a change for gbc.c in akcl
versions prior to 265.
[The change is to remove  "if (x->cc.cc_data->d.m) break;"
and add turbo-closures to the feature list].

This is an optimization and is not necessary, so you may as well wait
till you get a newer version of akcl, in which case you won't have to
do anything.