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AKCL on Sun3/OS4.0.3?

There is a known bug in gcc 1.36 which is exposed by ACKL.  I do not
know if this is the problem you are encountering, though.  Try gcc
1.35 and get the lastest AKCL from rascal.  rascal, a Sun-3, was
upgraded to 4.0.3 several weeks ago, and Bill Schelter does seem to
have AKCL running under it quite happily, including his new
ephemeral-like garbage collection technique (he calls it stratified
garbage collection), which uses the mprotect feature of OS 4.0.3 to
determine which pages have been written since the last gc, thereby
often avoiding having to chase pointers through inactive pages, even
those with conses on them.

Incidentally, rascal's upgrade to OS 4.0.3 solves some network
connectivity problems that some of you may have encountered.