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Re: AKCL on Sun3/OS4.0.3?

mac@trantor.harris-atd.COM (Mike McDonald) writes:

>  Can anyone tell me how to get AKCL to work on a Sun3 running
>SunOS4.0.3? I'm trying to use cc since we have gcc1.36. When I attempt
>to make AKCL, it seemingly succeeds at making a saved_kcl but when it
>the tries to recompile everything with the new compiler, I get an
>assembler error in cmpnew/cmpfunc.lsp. The error message is:

>as: error (/tmp/c2.21347.2.s:679): Multiply defined symbol (phase error)
>as: error (/tmp/c2.21347.2.s:751): Multiply defined symbol (phase error)

from the file h/sun3.defs:

CC = gcc -fwritable-strings -msoft-float -DVOL=volatile -I$(AKCLDIR)/o
# If you don't have gcc for sun OS < 4.0 use
# CC = cc -DVOL= -Bstatic -I$(AKCLDIR)/o
# Adding "-Qoption as -O" to CC is advised under OS4.0 because of sun bug:

  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ note this line -- this is the reason for
			  the problem you are having.

I had the same problem until I finally noticed this, too :-)

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