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Porting to Dec Mips Ultrix.

I am porting KCL from a Mips Mips (Riscos) to Dec's Mips Utrix DECstation 3100
and am having some problems.

1) I had to change sgi4d_emul.s to #include <regdefs.h>, not sys/ #if ultrix.

2) I removed -lbsd from sgi4d.defs. Easy.

3) Everything compiled but raw_kcl would not link because of strange errors
   about data (Cnil_body, MVloc, _iob) being inconsistently declared near
   (small) ie. within the 64k page addressable by the global pointer and
   normal, even though I am certain everything was compiled with -G 80.
   Removing the -G made the problem go away.

4) The link now completes but the raw_kcl is unrunnable, although its exec
   permision is set.  I complains "non-Ascii shell script" even though
   file thinks it is OK.

Has anybody had any experiance with Decs Mips/Ultrix boxes?