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Porting Kcl to Dec/Ultrix ctd...

Following Pall's suggestion I have examined the nm of /usr/lib/crt0 and compared it with a nm of an ld of raw_kcl containing the
same parameters as the cc.
the nm crt0 produced the following:-

7% nm /usr/lib/crt0.o
00000000 a STARTFRM
00000004 E __Argc
00000004 E __Argv
10000000 T __start
         U _gp
1000004c T _mcount
00000004 E environ
10000060 T eprol
         V errno
         U exit
         U main
10000044 T moncontrol

reverences to these from the ld raw_kcl where:-

V environ
E errno
T exit
T main

(U/V means large/small extern, T Text (procs) C/E large/small common; 
arn't these one char flags Awfull!).

I shall let everyone know when I finish the port.