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AKCL 470 does not compile using Sun cc.

I have been trying to get AKCL-1-470 up on both Sun 3 and Sun 4 
platforms. It hiccups on fasdump.c with the following:

cc -DVOL= -Bstatic -I/grucis/src/akcl/o -c -O  -I../h -g ../c/fat_string.c
cc: Warning: -O conflicts with -g. -O turned off.
"../c/fasdump.c", line 1060: no automatic aggregate initialization
"../c/fasdump.c", line 1060: operands of = have incompatible types
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `fat_string.o'

Sun cc apparently can not handle aggregate assignments and initialisations.
The relevant code is the following macro:

   struct fasd old_fd = current_fasd; \
   int old_dump_index = dump_index; \
   FILE *old_fas_stream = fas_stream
Short of moving to gcc, is there any simple solution to this?

Graham Williams, gjw@anucsd.anu.oz.au
Dept Computer Science, Australian National University,
GPO Box 4, Canberra, 2601, Australia.
Phone = +61 6 249 4625 (Office)   +61 6 251 5302 (Home)