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Porting AKCL to A/UX

I'm trying to port AKCL to A/UX 1.1 (Macintosh IIx). I got as far as
(I think) having a running version but without the capability to load object
files (pretty useful, don't you think so?).

A/UX's ld does not support the -A option for incremental loading. KCL's
porting document states: " If ld in your machine does not have the
facility of oincremental loading, YOU SHOULD WRITE THE RELOCATION ROUTINE
BY YOURSELF " Great! What I'm trying to avoid is exactly that.

My question: Has anybody written a loader with incremental loading
capabilities for A/UX? Any advice on future problems that I may face while
porting AKCL? I certainly appreciate your help. Thanks

	Omar Patino-Siliceo		Academic Computing Support
	Box 1375, Station B		Computer Center
	Nashville, TN 37235		Vanderbilt University

	e-mail: ops@vuse.vanderbilt.edu