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Re: Porting AKCL to A/UX

Re: AKCL on A/UX 1.1.1 ...

One suggestion would be to port sfasl code to A/UX.

Get the akcl patches i made for the DG AViiON (on csvax.caltech.edu in
~ftp/pub/DG .  This included a generalization of the original and Bill
Schelter's sfasl code.  Though you will almost surely have to tweak it
(segment boundries, unloaded segments...), (and you may have to write
your own relocating routines), it is much more robust than the
original.  I load '.o' files in regularly, and the DG loader does not
have a '-A' flag.

The sfasl loader will also work faster than the normal loader.

Good Luck,
- mike