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Subject: Can't make on sgi4d

I am having some troubles making akcl with the latest versions of kcl and
version 3.2 of the Irix operating system.  I get fatal errors in eval.c,
line 1125, format.c, line 2047, unixsave_sgi.c, lines 302:312, and in list.d,
line 249.

For a while I thought maybe I needed to get the GNU C compiler.  I did that
but it didn't fix the problems.

Delving a little farther into the code, I discovered that the problems are
caused by COERCE_VA_LIST, called in eval.c, format.c, funlink.c and list.d,
and defined in object.h as dictated by MUST_COPY_VA_LIST.  I #defined
MUST_COPY_VA_LIST to be 1 and tried again.  That seems to have fixed all
the fatal compile errors except for unixsave_sgi.c, lines 302 through 312.

Did I do the right thing about the COERCE_VA_LIST?
What should I do about unixsave_sgi?

Thanks for the help.

Pat Gatewood
(301) 863-4157