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Lest anyone take offense at Weyhrauch's mentioning his company and the
Ibuki Common Lisp ports that they provide, let me state that I asked
him to mention both his company and the ports in his note.  The
intimate historical connection between Ibuki Common Lisp on the one
hand and the KCL which is available without fee by ftp on the other
hand is something about which not everyone is aware and which could
cause confusion to some; in particular, it should be understood, as
Weyhrauch mentions, that the two quite similar systems, both written
by Yuasa and Hagiya, have different licenses.  Also Weyhrauch's point
about observing the letter of the KCL license (as the AKCL
distribution and make system currently does) is a good point to
reiterate.  This point was also recently made here by Bill Schelter.

I certainly would not mind, in fairness, any Lisp vendor mentioning on
this mailing list the ports that they provide (or any other
information they think appropriate).  In any case, this mailing list
is unmoderated.