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Re: Ibuki


>  I certainly would not mind, in fairness, any Lisp vendor mentioning
>  on this mailing list the ports that they provide (or any other
>  information they think appropriate).  In any case, this mailing
>  list is unmoderated.

I would prefer that other Lisp vendors *not* provide this information,
as other avenues (e.g, comp.lang.lisp, comp.lang.lisp.franz, and
comp.lang.lisp.x) already exist that allow them to distribute their
sales literature.  Because I feel that the purpose of the kcl mailing
list is to allow information exchange regarding both KCL and AKCL, the
information provided by Ibuki is definitely germaine.  However, I
would suggest *discouraging* the use of this mailing list by other
vendors, because I personally would like to avoid receiving LISP-
related junk mail.

     Martin Fong			fong@itstd.sri.com