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SunOS 4.1 problems -> run 4.0.3 binaries if you can

Actually, the 4.0.3 KCL binaries i moved to the 4.1 machine seem to
run fine.  The problem is encountered when dynamic linking -- as in
building a new KCL, or loading CLX. 

cheers, f

BTW, i just got CLX to load thru a really disgusting method involving
emacs and modification of sockcl.o by hand in order to insert the
"secondary magic number". It has worked for a few hours so far. If it
runs a while longer, then the method might be enough hint for real
hackers to fix things more gracefully. At that point, I will post the
slimey details (it appears AKCL provides a way to put arbitary
additional info after the string tables in .o files, so perhaps that
is all that is needed).