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a few internal questions


I have to port stepper from Lucid Common Lisp to KCL (A/KCL 1.478) and
there are a few questions about the internals of KCL.

- is there an optimization at macro expansion and does this change the
  lambda list
- what format has the resulting expander of a DEFMACRO
- what format has the lambda list and how can you access it (is the
  document string contained, ist the name contained, are DECLARE's
- what type has a function
- how can you get the name of a function
- how is the top level organized (TOP-LEVEL-CATCHER)
- can you redefine the error functions
- what are the internal functions for input/output from/to a stream
- can you redefine the output function of the garbage collector
  or are the functions accessible ?

I hope I can get a few answers from you. Thanks in advance

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