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hints for AKCL under Sun OS 4.1


(completely unauthorized quick hacks -- a new release should come out
 soon with the official fixes, but in the meantime works for me)

In the akcl directory, make these changes

1) add exit(0); to the end of main(..){... exit(0);} in ../unixport/rsym.c
(this fixes another problem you havent seen until you fix the magic prob)

2) Change in file ../cmpnew/cmpmain.lsp

(defun compiler-build (o-pathname data-pathname)
  #+(and system-v (not e15))
  (safe-system (format nil "echo \"\\000\\000\\000\\000\" >> ~A"
                       (namestring o-pathname)))
  #+(or sun sgi)
  (with-open-file (o-file
                    (namestring o-pathname)
                    :direction :output
                    :if-exists :append)
    #+sgi  ; we could do a safe-system, but forking is slow on the Iris
    (dotimes (i 12)
      (write-char #\^@ o-file))

    #+sun  ; secondary magic
    (dolist (v '(0 0 4 16 0 0 0 0))
              (write-byte v o-file))

  (when (probe-file o-pathname)
    (safe-system (format nil #-dgux "cat ~A >> ~A"
                             #+dgux "~Abuild_o ~A ~A"
                             #+dgux (namestring si:*system-directory*)
                             (namestring data-pathname)
                             (namestring o-pathname)))))

3) Finally, altho i think step 2 above should insert the required 
secondary number (1040 and 0), do this also just for luck:

Create a file ../h/secondary_magic with the following 8 chars in it:
(even tho i had to email them as 16). NO carriage returns.

and then modify ../h/sun4.defs  by adding the line
   NULLFILE = ../h/secondary_magic

this should set the env var, but just in case i also do
   setenv NULLFILE ../h/secondary_magic
in the shell before the build

4) Clean out old stuff if nec in akcl dir:

  rm o/*.o
  rm lsp/*.o
  rm unixport/*.o
  rm cmpnew/*.o

  setenv NULLFILE ../h/secondary_magic

and THEN

  make -f Smakefile

good luck, f