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I'm attempting to create C code within a .lsp file, entered via defentry, 
that references C library functions (e.g. getlogin, getuid) and 
network functions from <netdb.h> (e.g. gethostbyname).

The code compiles OK, but when attempting to load the .o file I get

> (load "ske_net")
Loading ske_net.o
undefined _recv symbolundefined _gethostname symbolundefined _send symbolundefined _getlogin symbolundefined _inet_ntoa symbolundefined _gethostbyname symbolstart address -T 306000 Finished loading sdi_net.o

I've tried to link the libc library to an already existing .o file
generated by AKCL's compile-file:

1. Generate a .o file under AKCL

>(compile-file "ske_net1.lsp")

2. Link under UNIX

% cc -o ske_net.o sdk_net1.o -lc

which links OK, but at load time I get

>(load "sdi_net")
Loading sdi_net.o

Error: Unexpected end of #<input stream "sdi_net.o">.
Error signalled by LOAD.

I would appreciate any hints concerning how library functions in particular,
and in general any C object code compiled outside of AKCL,  can be linked with
AKCL generated .o files.

Dick Delanoy
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
P.O.Box 73
Lexington, MA. 02173