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I've been trying to build AKCL 1-483 for A/UX 2.0. Sources from
rascal.ics.utexas.edu, aux.defs, aux.h, and V/c/unixfsys.c taken from
aux-akcl.tar.Z on combridge.apple.com. I've been trying for some time
to make it with gcc, but problems with the compiler have defeated me.
So I tried again to make it with the distributed cc (the version in
/usr/lib/big with large table space). I can get all of it to compile
that way except funlink.c. So I went back and compiled funlink.c with
gcc -fpcc-struct-return -fwritable-strings. Once I had made funlink.o
this way, going back to cc for another try at make resulted in at
least loading raw_kcl. However, when it then proceeds to use this, it
breaks down making a symbol table. A transcript follows of what
happens - can anyone suggest what to do or where to look to fix this

Steve Anderson
Cognitive Science Center
The Johns Hopkins University


---------------(from the output of make -f Smakefile)------------
        ./raw_kcl ../unixport/
KCl (Kyoto Common Lisp)  June 1987  5000 pages
Initializing ../lsp/defmacro.o
Initializing ../lsp/evalmacros.o
Initializing ../lsp/top.o
Initializing ../lsp/module.o

>#<"COMPILER" package>

COMPILER>#<"SYSTEM" package>

SYSTEM>#<"USER" package>

>#<"LISP" package>

LISP>#<"SLOOP" package>


SLOOP>#<"USER" package>

>loading ../lsp/predlib.lsp
loading ../lsp/setf.lsp
loading ../lsp/arraylib.lsp
Initializing ../lsp/assert.o
(lots more lisp files - only one warning signalled:)
Initializing ../cmpnew/cmpcatch.o
loading ../cmpnew/cmpenv.lsp
Warning: PROCLAIM is being redefined.
Warning: PROCLAMATION is being redefined.loading ../cmpnew/cmpeval.lsp
loading ../cmpnew/cmpflet.lsp
(more lisp files)
loading ../cmpnew/cmpvs.lsp
loading ../cmpnew/cmpwt.lsp

Loading ../cmpnew/fasdmacros.lsp
Finished loading ../cmpnew/fasdmacros.lsp
Building symbol table for ./raw_kcl ..

Error: The rsym command ../unixport/rsym ./raw_kcl /tmp/rsym2099 failed .

Broken at PROGN.  Type :H for Help.