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Addition to KCL mailing list, followup

I recently sent you the request to be placed on the KCL mailing list then
realized that I didn't provide any personal info.  As I thought you may
require same, the following is provided...

	  Self (home)			   Employer (work)
	Steven Venable			Martin Marietta Orlando
	10256 Winder Trail		MP 1483, P.O. Box 628007
	Orlando, FL 32817-2817		Orlando, FL 32862-8007
	[407] 281-1487			[407] 356-6958

	EMAIL: stevev@sne42e.mmc.orl.com

I included home address because, if you use the mail (which I would not 
expect you to do), many times it is easier to receive mail there than at
work.  My machines are not on the network itself, I must trot over to
another lab; but that is my problem.

Also a question...  I sent off the KCL licensing agreement via EMAIL to
"siglisp%kurims.kurims.kyoto-u.junet@utokyo-relay.csnet".  Is this sufficient
or must I use the postal service too?

Thank you again.