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Change of address, etc.

Requests for additions to or deletions from the kcl mailing list,
changes of address, etc., should be sent to kcl-request@cli.com, not
to kcl@cli.com.  Messages sent to kcl@cli.com are automatically
redistributed to 117 address, which in turn may result in hundreds of
other copies being emailed:  some of the 117 addresses seem to be the
addresses of mailing lists.

Mail concerning the KCL license should be sent by physical mail to

       Special Interest Group in LISP
       Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
       Kyoto University
       Kyoto, 606,  JAPAN

as is made clear in the KCL license, which may be found in the file
/pub/kcl/kcl.broadcast, available by anonymous ftp from cli.com.  The
people who keep up the kcl@cli.com mailing list and mail archives (Ron
Olphie, Bob Boyer, and others) are not and were not involved with the
creation or licensing of KCL.  cli.com is however, like
rascal.ics.utexas.edu, a machine on the Internet from which KCL and
AKCL my be obtained by anonymous ftp, given that the KCL license has
been signed and mailed in.