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Has anyone tried compiling AKCL with the latest GNU CC (version 1.39)
which was made available last week?  Does it work?

Along the same lines, I was talking to someone from GNU and told him
that AKCL wouldn't compile with GNU CC later than version 1.36 (or
1.37, I don't remember which).  This was news to him.  He said that if
someone could tell them what the problems are, they would want to fix
them.  However, they don't have the time or manpower to try the
compilation themselves, so they need an explicit bug report.

Does anyone know specifically what the problems are with using GCC to
compile AKCL?

The bugs can be reported to bug-gcc@prep.ai.mit.edu.  I believe that
the list is also redistributed through the newsgroup gnu.gcc.bug.

***** Getting the bugs reported to GNU is especially important since
***** they are working on GNU CC version 2.0.  In fact, I believe that
***** it may now be in beta test.  If we ever hope to have GNU CC
***** compile AKCL, we have to tell GNU about the problems.