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system calls

>  How can I use a system call in Clines?  The C code I am using works
>  fine with CC, but loses inside of AKCL.

The problem is for the system calls or C library calls that kcl has not
in its core.
You should use faslink instead of load specifing
the libc of your system, or better
include a gethostname call somewhere in the kcl source files (*.c).

SYSTEM:FASLINK                                                     [Function]
DCL/BSD specific.
Loads the specified fasl file while linking the object files and libraries as
specified by STRING.  For example,
        (faslink "foo.o" "bar.o boo.o -lpixrect")
loads foo.o while linking two object files (bar.o and boo.o) and the library
pixrect.  Usually, foo.o consists of the C language interface for the
functions defined in the object files or the libraries.  FILESPEC may be a
symbol, a string, a pathname, or a file stream.

by. tito

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