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Re: akcl 1-530 on SGI 4d using SGI cc

Workaround for sgi C compiler error:
29: ccom: Internal: schain botch 4

   Apparently the sgi compiler does not like the labels Tnmk that
we produce.  I don't know what hideous internal error causes that
failure.  They plan on fixing this error in the next release.  In any
event I have found that by renaming these to be Znmk instead of Tmnk
there is no problem.    

The following script if run in the akcl directory, after the
h/cmpinclude.h has been created by merge adds some defines to
h/cmpinclude.h which will cause the renaming to take place.
Basically it just adds definitions like:

#define T101 Z101
#define T102 Z102
#define T103 Z103
#define T104 Z104
#define T105 Z105
#define T106 Z106
#define T107 Z107
#define T108 Z108
#define T109 Z109
#define T110 Z110
#define T800 Z800


if [ -f h/cmpinclude.h ] ; then true;
else echo must make sources first
; exit 1

if  fgrep Z100 h/cmpinclude.h > /dev/null  ; then true ;

while [ ${BIL} -le 700 ]; do
BIL=`echo 1 + ${BIL} | bc`
echo '#define' T${BIL} Z${BIL} >> h/cmpinclude.h
make -f Smakefile cmpinclude