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problem with saved_kcn and 1.530...

	Hi all,

	I just pulled down he latest version of akcl (1.530) and proceeded to 
build it for all the architectures around here.  And I have come up with 
the following problem when I'm trying to run saved_kcn on a pmax (this 
problem may also be on other architectures, but I've only checked the pmax).

	The problem presents itself whenever you make an error in the 
interpeter.  The system:dbl-read being undefined.  I put this in the 
autoload.lsp file but that caused even more problems. for example :


Error: Too few arguments.
Error signalled by DO.
Broken at SYSTEM::BREAK-LEVEL.  Type :H for Help.
Error: The function SYSTEM::DBL-READ is undefined.
Error signalled by SYSTEM::BREAK-LEVEL.
Backtrace: system:universal-error-handler > SYSTEM::BREAK-LEVEL

is one occurance of the error.

	Has anyone else come across this problem before.

	I would appreciate any response,

Greg Sylvain			UUCP: 			...!{uunet}!umbc3!greg
Academic Computing Services	Internaet (arpa): 	greg@umbc3.umbc.edu
Systems Programmer		BITNET:		 	GREGS@UMBC