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autoloading into saved_kcn...

	Hello all,

	Could someone explain the difference/reasoning for the 
~akcl/lsp/auto.lsp and ~akcl/lsp/autoload.lsp files ???  It looks like 
autoloading was commented out of autoload.lsp and moved to auto.lsp, but 
autoloading never seems to work for me with out uncommenting the autload.lsp 
file.  Does someone know off hand which file is the real autoloader file ? 
	Thanks in advance,
Greg Sylvain			UUCP: 			...!{uunet}!umbc3!greg
Academic Computing Services	Internaet (arpa): 	greg@umbc3.umbc.edu
Systems Programmer		BITNET:		 	GREGS@UMBC