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help needed w.r.t KCL


	I'm not sure who I'm writing to here, but I hope somebody can help.

	I am interested in setting up KCL on our machine. However, we have
a DecSystem 3100 which is a RISC machine (uses a MIPS chip). Now I would
like to know whether it can in fact be compiled on this machine before going
through all the licensing agreement/waiting for a reply thing. However I
cannot make the e-mail address for siglisp at Kyoto work. Can anyone either
help directly with my question, or give me a working e-mail address for
Yuasa/Hagiya? In addition do they have a FAX number. If the licensing
agreement has to be a hard copy then I'd sooner do it by FAX than mail.

	Thanks in advance

	Gordon Royle
	Dept of Math
	Vanderbilt University
	Nashville TN 37235