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Stack Overflow Error

We have recently installed HOL built under AKCL here at ORA. When
running a particular ml program, I get the following stack overflow error
from the depths of lisp:

Error: Invocation history stack overflow.
Error signalled by COND.
Backtrace:  > funcall > lambda > fun%1458%662 > cond > let > 
   cond > let > let > cond > let > fun%1458%653 > let > cond > 
    cond > cond > cond > cond > let >
             more of the same

I should suspect the program, however the exact same program running
on HOL built under AKCL at another location does not overflow.

Are there paramaters for defining the stack sizes when AKCL is built,
or can anyone recognize my problem? 

I am not signed up for this list, so any replies directly to me.



Simon Foley       simon@cambridge.oracorp.com
ORA Corporation,
Cambridge, MA.