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   Date: Thu, 9 May 91 14:59:02 EDT
   From: tonyc@starbase.mitre.org (Anthony Castellano)

   Hello All:

   I am trying to use sort....and it is killing my list.  For example,

   (setq x '(4 256 3 2 43 6 3))
   (sort x >) 

   when I eval x I get (4 3 3 2).

   This is not what I expected.

   Any thoughts??? Is this a bug?  I am running AKCL 5.05 on a Sparc.

   thanks in advance,

   Tony Castellano

If you look at CLtL, you will find that SORT is destructive.  Thus,
you must do

    (setq x (sort x #'<))

I think that everyone who has used SORT has gotten bitten by this at
one time or another.